What is Fubles?

Fubles.com is a social network that allows you to participate in football games that have been organised in your city.

Why should I use Fubles?

Can I use Fubles just for football?

No, you can use Fubles for any sport present in the platform ( basket, tennis, volleyball, beach volley, beach soccer, cricket, TAG Rugby, minigolf).

What is the level?

It is a value that, from 0 to 100 points, indicates the value of a player in relation to the games he has played and the votes he has received. The value is linked to an algorithm which, starting from an average level equal to 60 pt, modifies games by games the value based on numerous parameters (votes received, game result, game statistics, ratings reliability, ...)

Can I withdraw from a game?

Yes, you can leave a game whenever you want until the cancellation time indicated by the organiser. After that time, you can required a substitution but be sure to find another player otherwise you should respect your commitment.

The roster is complete. And now?

And now we play! Go at the venue at least 15 minutes in advance, bring the right color jersey and have fun with other community members. After the game, do not forget to insert the result and give feedbacks to other players.

If the roster is not complete, do I have to wait until the last second?

If the roster is not completed, Fubles does not record the game as played. Always contact the organiser for confirmation and remember that you can join a game up to 1 hour before the kick off.

How do I arrange a game?

Click on the “Create a new game” button and:

Public game vs Private game

A public game is a match that everyone can join. A private game is a match restricted to invited users. You can always change the status of a game from private to public.

Can I exclude anyone from my games?

You can exclude from a game only those players who are at their first game on Fubles or those who are not reliable (highlight with a warning). You can also use your blacklist to keep out some specific players or you can organise a private game.

I’ve seen a player with a warning. What does it mean?

A player has a warning if he has not yet verified his telephone number or if he didn’t show up in one of the last 20 games or if he has been late in one of the last 10 games. There could also be other reasons regarding the specific game to make him unreliable (eg: he is registered for other games on the same day). Click on the user’s warning to see the specific reasons. An unreliable user has some limitations of the service and can always be removed from the game by the organizer (which in this case can also view his phone number).

Can I collaborate with Fubles?

For info and proposals: